$29 Cheap Car Insurance – Save over 55% on Car Insurance

(PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Insurance-Online.us, click here to visit the website, has been launched to assist people find affordable car insurance rates. The website provides drivers with fast access to local insurance quotes through a convenient form-based system.

To use the website, drivers visit this website and enter zip codes. The website accesses information from some of the largest insurance carriers in the United States, quickly returning a sorted list of local options. Because this website does not collect any information other than a zip code, it does not put drivers’ personal information at risk.

“Insurance companies use zip codes to estimate their risks in different parts of the country, so we need drivers to enter that information,” said the representative. “However, we’ve streamlined the process and allowed drivers to act as their own insurance agents. They don’t need to sell their personal information to get fast, free car insurance quotes.”

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Car insurance quotes often cost a significant amount of money in the 1990s and 1980s. Insurance agents would charge drivers to get several quotes from major providers, but modern insurance comparison websites provide the same basic service without any fees or risks.

Drivers can use the new resources at Insurance-Online.us to find the best available local options for insurance. Representatives of the website also note that drivers can do their own research on policy options with the help of the site’s free online tools, allowing for a much more manageable, protective policy for any motorist.

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