Affordable Vehicle Insurance for Drivers with a DUI Now Found By Statewide Insurer Quotes Tool Online

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) December 28, 2013

Drivers in North America who have been convicted of a DUI can pay higher insurance costs due to the higher risks involved for insurance companies. The Auto Pros company has assembled a new list of providers underwriting affordable vehicle insurance for drivers with a DUI searchable at

These insurers specialize in providing high risk policies that are able to offer vehicle protection for drivers classified as a greater risk factor for liability. One benefit that drivers will find when accessing this new provider list online is the selection of local or national agencies providing quotes data.

The system is currently configured to match a zip code for drivers in specific parts of the country with affordable rates provided by local agencies. These local companies can be expanded for national research due to the amount of companies providing insurance in more than one state in the U.S.

“Driving under the influence is one of the classified risk factors for increased insurance rates for drivers regardless of when the offense occurred,” said a source for the company.

The secure location system currently able to research DUI vehicle insurance providers also provides other types of products for insurance that average drivers can research. Drivers without any liability risk can quote state policies or full coverage plans from standard insurance agencies through the quotes system.

“Our system is designed to provide research abilities for any driver regardless of the level of risk to quote and compare rates from a list of agencies inside our database,” the source included.

The Auto Pros company is currently planning a larger update to the insurance location system for 2014. The updated rates now searchable inside the system is one of the latest modifications completed this year.

The company locator service to find used vehicle warranty plans online has been modified to introduce repair insurance underwriters at This additional system is also secure and meant for use by used vehicle owners.


The company has completed the production of its insurance quotes location system in 2013. This useful tool is currently linked with hundreds of different automotive insurance agencies in North America to supply rates data direct to car owners online. The company website is one of the most actively used resources by independent car owners to research a number of different services online. The company support staff offers solutions by toll-free telephone number and online forms used to provide immediate service to any car owner.