Automobile Insurance Quotes Now Include High Risk Rates at Auto Company Website

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) April 05, 2014

American drivers who are considered more of a risk during vehicle operation often must choose an SR22 coverage plan for insurance. The Auto Pros company is now including high risk rates for review inside of its automobile insurance quotes system at

The new rates that are displayed for motorists are designed to make it simpler for drivers to review higher risk policies while researching on the Internet. The private search system that is now active currently features rates that apply to drivers in all parts of the USA.

“The SR22 and similar policies that now exist inside of our quotes system are part of brand new inclusions made this year to increase the size of our system,” an Auto Pros company source said.

The automobile insurer policies that are viewable and quotable with use of the Internet based system also include basic level plans that companies provide. The state level coverage that is popular with used vehicle owners can be quoted as well as other products that agencies are underwriting.

“The quotes tool that we’ve developed is now being updated on a monthly basis with new partners to provide the public with one dedicated source to use for research,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company has recently announced other tools that could be useful to a vehicle owner seeking new forms of vehicle coverage. The car insurer system is now built to contrast the auto warranty locator now in place for use at


The company website is one North American source currently providing direct access to consumers to research vehicle insurance policy information without requiring entry of personal vehicle information. The company staff have helped to provide the current database now accessible daily. Continued support is provided to all users of the company website during exploration of vehicle coverage policy types and discounts available from insurers. Automated updates are currently provided to the search platform to extend new provider content directly to system users.

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