Average Car Insurance Rates: Comparing Texas & How To Get Cheaper Quotes

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 01, 2013

When comparing car insurance online it’s important to have an actual basis for comparison. Car Insurance rates vary greatly state by state so it’s important to realize the average rate in Texas won’t be the same as others. There are many factors that affect insurance rates in every region, many that are out of a drivers control. So how does Texas compare?

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The highest states for car insurance according to a recent study are Louisiana, Michigan and Georgia, while the lowest are North Carolina, Iowa and Maine with the difference in rates being over $ 1000 annually. Texas on the other hand seems to rank right in the middle just above the national average, see below for the actual numbers.

*The 2013 average yearly car insurance rates by state from highest to lowest are:

$ 2,699