Belman Insurance Advisor is Cautiously Optimistic about the New Auto Insurance System to be Implemented in Mississippi

Jackson, MS (PRWEB) July 06, 2013

14% of Americans drive without auto insurance, according to an article by Clarion Ledger. In Mississippi alone, that number skyrockets to 28%. The problem is that those who are abiding the law and carrying their coverage are paying additional premiums to cover those who dont. An electronic system was created to deal with the problem. Globe Life Insurance Company wrote on their website, Can you even imagine the anxiety of driving on the freeway without auto insurance? All of us know that at some point an accident is almost inevitable. agrees with the life insurance company and also believes that the new computer system will close the gap in non-insureds. Belman Insurance Advisor hopes the system will give peace of mind to insured drivers worrying about the status of other drivers.

The new system would allow county tax collectors, as well as law enforcement persons, to verify whether someone has auto insurance. Additionally, it is also designed to generate automatic tickets to anyone who hasnt purchased auto insurance but has a registered vehicle or license plate. Texas has been running a comparable online verification system since 2008 and believes their uninsured numbers have dropped dramatically.

As uninsured drivers cost consumers and the insurance industry billions of dollars a year in property damage and claims, Belman Insurance Advisor fully supports the implementation of the auto insurance system. While currently only ten states have online verification systems, their use could dramatically change the auto insurance industry. The Mississippi Department of Technology Services said that the contractor for the project estimated revenues of approximately $ 465 million over a three-year period after expenses. The investment into this system will have favorable monetary effects on the insurance industry as well. The premiums paid to auto insurers of the formerly uninsured could be staggering.

Belman Insurance Advisor supports upcoming efforts by the State of Mississippi to reduce the number of uninsured drivers by implementation of an online verification system. Belman Insurance Advisor believes that it will benefit insurance professionals with the influx of new auto insurance premiums. urges those without car insurance, If you are driving without car insurance you are playing Russian Roulette. You are very possibly going to get in a horrible car crash and hurt someone and wind up with hefty bills from a body shop, a hospital, or even perhaps the courts. Get car insurance- if not for the sake of others, for the sake of yourself!”

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