Boat Insurance Rates Now Presented Online Through Modified Quotation System Built for the Public

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

Accurate research for insurance products for motor vehicles can be a simple process to complete for most vehicle owners. Finding coverage plans for boats and other water based vehicles is now a simple process courtesy of the Auto Pros company. Providers offering boat insurance rates are now presented to system users at

The rates for watercraft insurance that are now presented online is a new concept for the automotive consumers using the Auto Pros website this year. Policies that are offered to protect boats of any size can now be sorted and reviewed by system users entirely using the automated tool.

“Owners of boats who have already reviewed local companies and did not find suitable discounts could find our system useful for locating rates on a nationwide level,” said one Auto Pros company source.

The insurance policy information for boaters that is now viewable is in combination with the standard motor vehicle industry rates that users of the Auto Pros system have available. Prices for motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are also featured in the search system for public usage.

“The rates databases that we’ve designed are making it easier for the public to conduct insurance price comparisons without giving out personal information during quotes calculations,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company is continuing its research platforms through 2014 to introduce to the public to insurance discounts and coverage information. A system that is now in place on the company homepage can be used to find auto warranty rates from USA companies at


The company has enhanced independent research for the general public in 2014 by opening up access to its research databases connected to the automotive industry. This company is now a resource to locate exact pricing and policy details for several insurance products. The company has a complete staff of experts now available by telephone to produce auto parts or components pricing that top dealers are offering apart from insurance products. A phone system is currently in place for consumers to obtain additional service information.

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