Car Insurance Rates – Launches New Tool to Help Drivers Save Money

(PRWEB) February 07, 2013, click here to visit the website, introduces a tool that shows consumers their insurance choices compared to similar drivers.

“The tool is great for evaluating your auto insurance coverage. If you are paying too much or too litle for the coverage, it might be time to review your policy” says the website representative.

Choosing the right policy can be tricky sometimes, but taking the time to do could mean big savings. According to CarInsuranceDirectQuotes, an average consumer can save up to 75% by switching car insurance providers.

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There is finally a novel and impactful way of changing the way customers look for insurance companies! is the newest method for online consumers to discover the best insurance companies.

For the longest time, when seeking out insurance, such as auto insurance, consumers had to battle with various websites and confusing nomenclature. This website attempts to eliminate all barriers between consumers and the information they seek. The basis of the website is to attempt to allow consumers to organize the best auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and life insurance companies available locally. Once found, there are a plethora of details available to the end-user.

Traditionally, customers have to spend a fair amount of time searching locally and making comparisons among the various insurance companies. Some companies offer comparisons but typically consumers are required to look up the best offers one at a time. In addition, depending on the type of insurance sought after, customers have to manually research local companies as well.

The information on the website is easily accessible. The way the site operates is by organizing insurance companies that are available online and taking the zip code given. It then presents a list to the end user displaying all available results for all insurance companies in that particular locale. Afterwards, details regarding the companies are also available so consumers can find the best suited one.

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