Cheapest Car Insurance – Compare 30 Quotes at Once

(PRWEB) May 16, 2013 (click here to visit the website), a newly launched online website uses a driver’s zip code to search through the nation’s top insurance carriers and to provide drivers with a list of local providers. Drivers can choose a specific provider to review a quote and compare policies.

“Drivers who compare car insurance costs can cut their rates simply because they’re drawing from a larger pool of insurance options,” said a representative of the website. “We hope that our new tool gives drivers a place to start. They can quickly collect information about rates, coverage limits and deductibles to create high-quality policies that are both protective and affordable.”

Car insurance is a rising cost for American households. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reported that the average cost of a year-long auto insurance policy in the United States was just under $ 800 in 2007, but dozens of factors can influence a driver’s actual premiums.

“Insurance companies look at everything from a driver’s age and road history to gender and garaging location,” said the representative. “They use massive actuarial tables to figure premiums, and a single risk factor can quickly drive up a motorist’s rates. It’s more important than ever to compare insurance policies before making a purchase.”

“We wanted to give our customers a completely free tool that they can rely on,” said the representative. “Motorists need an easy, fast and secure way to shop for insurance policies, and we’re here to give them exactly what they need.”

Click here to visit the website or get car insurance quotes.

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