Lease Car Insurance Rates for U.S. Motorists Displayed Online at Automotive Industry Website

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

American drivers who are unable to purchase a new vehicle often purchase lease automobiles, according to auto industry data. The Auto Pros company is now helping a percentage of North American drivers to find lease car insurance rates from U.S. agencies online at

All policies that are searchable using the locator service now enabled for lease policy quotes are provided through statewide and nationwide companies. This mixture of providers is offering a better range of price selection for drivers online.

With the average lease period now at 48 months, drivers who are seeking coverage during the entire lease agreement could find a policy through the search locator. The regular liability and full coverage insurance plans are two examples of the policies now quotable online.

“The American drivers who research our quotation system online are presented with different options for insurance products that each feature differences in pricing,” a source at the Auto Pros company said.

The lease insurer policy quotations that are now presented online do include more complex protection plans when the system is searched. Drivers are asked for a city zip code when entering the locator service to bring up a list of the providers now discounting all types of policies.

“Every policy is determined by zip code instead of similar systems online that collect driver information or vehicle identification numbers prior to distributing quotes,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company is now expanding the different projects designed for public research through 2014. The updated insurer information is currently connected to the warranty provider list that is now established at online.

This additional list provides different price quotes for various levels of vehicle warranty programs from U.S. companies. All makes of vehicles are included in the distributed price quotes. Each policy plan is underwritten by companies that have partnered with the quotes tool online.


The company is one American resource offering no charge access to independent research tools online to find essential automotive provider services. This company has programmed its website to produce instant information concerning price and provider details to consumers. The company is now offering support each day through a phone system and online support center. These expanded customer service solutions are creating more interest in the company research programs available. New provider services and content is added by this company on a regular schedule.

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