Releases Guide To Little Known Cell Phone Tips & Tricks

Atlanta, GA. (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

From helping out in awkward social situations to finding their own way home when lost, mobile phones can perform an amazing variety of services. The following cell phone tips and tricks will help get the most from mobile devices.


1. Text GOOGLE (466453) or ChaCha (242242) with a question or search query. Within seconds the results will return as a text message.

2. Live traffic reports can be downloaded to a phone at

3. Google maps mobile website offers detailed directions to and from locations, complete with satellite photos and maps that can be downloaded to a cell phone.

4. 800-free-411 provides no cost dial directory assistance in exchange for listening to about 15 seconds of advertising.


1. To avoid an interruption there is a silent ringtone that can even be assigned to specific callers, which will forward the call directly to voice mail. The call can then be answered at a more convenient time.

2. To create an interruption in order to escape a boring meeting or awkward situation Popularity Dialer or may be the answer. These services provide strategically timed interruptions for an emergency departure.

3. Google Make a ringtone from an MP3 to find tutorials about how to turn virtually any mp3 recording into a ringtone.


1. Google Latitude allows someone to view a phone’s location on Google Maps so for instance, a parent could be sure their child makes it home from school. FamilyMap (AT&T) and Family Locator (Verizon and Sprint) offer similar programs, letting family members keep track of all the phones on a wireless account.

2. Pictures can be uploaded to multiple sites like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more all at one time with a service called PixelPipe. At the time of this writing PixelPipe is reorganizing but will be accepting new registrations again soon.


1. Almost all “lost” items get found by someone. Most finders want to return the item if it’s easy for them to do the right thing. Too often, items don’t get back to their owners simply because there is no way to tell who the owner is.

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