New York Car Insurance Companies Now Quoting Statewide Rates for Insurance for Drivers at Automotive Website

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 27, 2013

Researching vehicle insurance policies is one of the strategies used by many consumers when comparing companies for rates information. The Auto Pros company is expanding its quotes system online and has added more New York car insurance companies at

This brand new update of additional companies in the state of New York is providing more resources that auto owners can use to find statewide agencies providing various products for insurance online. The quotation system now displaying the new list of companies currently works off of a NY zip code entry system.

Drivers who are researching rates at the state level can enter a zip code to find local or state agencies able to generate a quotation for different insurance products. Many of the new insurance agencies now presented online are quoting more than state level policies for vehicle coverage.

“Drivers can have limited resources solely using telephones to acquire rates information from more than one insurance agency,” said a source for the Auto Pros company.

The positive research that is now available using the quotations system online can connect a driver with different insurers competing for business at different rates. This new level of research is one aspect of the locator system built by the Auto Pros company that sets this search method apart from similar tools found online.

“A New York driver able to enter a validated county zip code can view immediate pricing, policy provider information and learn ways that a policy can be purchased at discount prices online,” the source included.

The Auto Pros company has expanded its number of services offered in 2013 and has plans to announce additional research tools throughout the 2014 year. The NY state providers of auto insurance included online are in addition to the existing states found by drivers when researching the online tool.

American drivers who are currently driving a motor vehicle without warranty protection can use a locator found on the Auto Pros website that matches policies and quotes rates at


The company has updated all of the automotive services that consumers access online in 2013 and has plans to expand the services in 2014 to provide additional online solutions. All third party auto service providers found on the company website when using the locator tools can preview prices and other details before consumers complete a purchase. The company website is currently available 365 days a year for use as a research tool in the automotive community. Telephone customer support and online forms are provided to assist each consumer.