New York Construction Accident Lawyer Adnan Munawar Weighs in on Center for Popular Democracy Study

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 01, 2013

WYNC New York reported today on a study by the Center for Popular Democracy that found that Latino and immigrant construction workers were victims of fatal construction accidents on the job at a rate disproportionate to the percentage of the construction worker population they make up in New York City.

(Study: Latino and Immigrant Workers More Likely To Die in Construction Falls October 24, 2013).

According to the report, Latinos make up 41 percent of all construction workers in New York City but have been the victims in 74 percent of all construction accidents that resulted in a fatality.

According to Connie Razza of the Center for Popular Democracy, who was quoted in the WYNC report, the disproportionate number of fatalities can be explained by hiring practices of smaller, non-union contractors. The report claims that such businesses often do not provide proper safety equipment or training, and that they hire day laborers who are likely to be afraid to complain for fear of being deported. According to the WYNC report, Razza and the Center for Popular Democracy are also fighting against proposed changes to New York Scaffold Law, which they argue are necessary to promote worker safety and ensure that contractors and building owners provide a safe work environment.

If contractors and employers are hiring day laborers or other demographics of people they suspect will not complain about safety concerns so that they can cut corners on safety measures, hopefully authorities will punish such careless disregard for human welfare and will take serious measures to prevent such behavior in the future. said Adnan Munawar, Partner at Munawar & AndrewsSantillo LLP. Construction sites are dangerous even with safety measures in place these types of delinquent practices, if proven, are creating many potentially avoidable deaths and serious injuries in order to cut costs. It is a shameful and dangerous practice.

While it is up to authorities to take more decisive action on their part, injured workers or family members of deceased constructions workers do have some options for relief under the law. Of course, no amount of compensation can bring back a loved one, but reckless and unsafe practices should not go unaddressed and families should at least be compensated financially to the greatest extent possible. Especially in such a vulnerable time and considering how complex construction safety laws can be, it is essential to consult with an expert attorney who can serve as your guide and advocate in a time of need and get you the maximum compensation possible.

If you or a loved one has suffered and injury, medical condition, or worse, as a result of a construction accident in New York, you should contact a New York Construction Accident lawyer today at 212.400.4000 to receive information about the your rights under the law and how to pursue claims for compensation.

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