NYC Car Insurance Rates Among the Highest in the U.S., Says New Article By New York Motor Insurance

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

New York Motor Insurance, an automobile insurance quote provider based in Manhattan, has just posted a new article on its website that explains why New York auto insurance rates are among the most expensive in the country. As the article,, points out, people who reside in New York City can have the best driving records on the planet, but they will still be required to pay astronomically high rates for car insurance.

Unfortunately, insurance companies dont determine how much people pay for their premiums solely on their driving record, New Yorkers tend to get charged a lot more. For example, as the article explains, a persons zip code has a huge influence on what they will pay for car insurance. Because New York City zip codes tend to be associated with a higher-than-average number of claims, everyone who lives in the area ends up having to pay exorbitant rates for their insurance.

For example, car insurance companies charge people less if they live in areas where auto theft is not very common. Even though New York City auto theft rates have been steadily declining since 1995, insurance rates still remain high throughout the region. In addition, areas that have a lot of traffic also tend to have high car insurance premiums. Since New York City is well-known for its incredible amount of traffic, residents of boroughs like Brooklyn and the Bronx pay much more for their insurance than someone who lives in rural Idaho.

Local crime rates can also factor in to how much a person pays for auto insurance, the article noted.

While most of the population is made up of law-abiding people, there are still plenty of them who like to engage in illegal activities, the article on the New York Motor Insurance website said, adding that unfortunately, the odds of a car being keyed or having its windows smashed are a lot higher in a big city.

Insurance companies are fully aware of this, and they track auto vandalism statistics carefully. This factor contributes to the excessive car insurance rates that plague drivers in the Big Apple.

In order to help drivers in New York City save as much money as possible on their car insurance, New York Motor Insurance has posted another article that offers specific advice that can help to lower rates. For example, the article, suggests buying a newer or safer car; moving closer to work, and keeping driving records as spotless as possible.

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