Rate Digest, Provider of Cheap Car Insurance Quotes, Releases Two Tips on How to Avoid High Auto Insurance Premiums in 2013

(PRWEB) February 22, 2013

There are many ways to avoid paying too much in any market. From switching cereal brands, to finding a more suitable vehicle, consumers have discovered plenty of ways to dodge higher costs. Knowing this, Rate Digest has given a few ways consumers can elude certain increases in their insurance premiums. In addition, they offer a way for those shopping for a new insurance provider to efficiently compare rates and get Cheap Car Insurance.

The first tip is to follow all traffic laws and road signs. This may seem obvious, but many drivers are either impatient or reckless, gaining multiple tickets and therefore higher insurance rates. In fact, being pinned with a failure to stop violation can result in an increase up to 15 percent. Along the same lines, getting a ticket for improper turning or passing can increase the drivers insurance premium up to 14 percent. If the consumer is already struggling with high premiums, Rate Digest advises the use of their online comparison tool, where shoppers can find rates as low as $ 19/month.

The second is an issue of actual vehicle safety. As can be expected, insurance providers are more likely to raise premiums if the car the customer drives is less than ideal in the safety department. Remedies include updating the airbags, confirming the trust-worthiness of seatbelts, and even installing anti-lock brakes. These will all add to the general reliability of the vehicle and lower the risk the insurance company is required to take. If the vehicle is simply too old, Rate Digest encourages drivers to purchase a recent model of any crossover SUV. Due to their high level of protection and dependability, crossovers are the cheapest cars to insure.

About Rate Digest:

Rate Digest is the provider of a unique online comparison tool, allowing consumers to get free auto insurance quotes. Their tool has allowed many to find cheap car insurance, affordable in whatever walk of life the consumer finds themselves in.

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