Rate Digest Releases 7 Cheap Car Insurance Tips That Helps Drivers Lower Inflated Insurance Premiums While Maintaining Quality Coverage

(PRWEB) February 13, 2013

National car insurance comparison company, Rate Digest, offers vehicle owners tips on lowering car insurance premiums. These tips are intended to help drivers procure car insurance at the lowest possible prices. The company suggests that adjusting these factors will drastically affect the insurance rates being paid by the average driver.

According to Rate Digest, car insurance is affected by more than just age, location, and driving records. The company does suggest that even these factors offer some flexibility in finding discounts without necessitating a change in location or hiatus in driving. Among other things, the company suggests student and senior insurance discounts. For more information about cheap car insurance visit here.

The company also mentions an increased deductible and advanced payment of premiums as other factors that can affect insurance premiums. They acknowledge that these factors may require extra saving and increased risk, but are sure to lower the insurance premiums. They strongly advise drivers to consider individual propensity towards accidents as well as finances before adjusting this factor to lower insurance premiums.

Along with these specific factors, Rate Digest states that the age of the vehicle can affect car insurance premiums. They suggest that adding updated safety features can increase the vehicles safety rate without necessitating a new vehicle purchase. Some safety features mentioned in the article are an updated alarm system, rear airbags, and seatbelt indicators.

Other factors that can be used to get cheaper car insurance, according to Rate Digest are advanced driving classes, a safe driver discount, and verifying accuracy of personal and vehicle information. The company affirms that age, marital status, and the VIN are key factors in a lower insurance premium, and thus, mandate careful checking. For more information about cheap car insurance visit here.

By careful awareness and working of these factors, Rate Digest is confident that drivers all over the country will be able to lower their insurance premium to get the cheapest car insurance possible.

About Rate Digest

Rate Digest is based out of Washington State. It serves cheap car insurance seekers by providing an easy way to compare car insurance rates in a secure manner by simply entering a zip code. They can be accessed online 24/7 at http://www.ratedigest.com/.

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