Rental Car Insurance Policies Now Quoted in Real Time at Automotive Portal

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

Policies for rental car insurance are now part of the content that is viewable by consumers who visit the Insurance Pros USA website online. U.S. agencies are now providing the rental rates to consumers through the tool at

The real time accuracy of the quotation system is one of the benefits that are presented to the public through use of the new automotive portal. Rates for rental cars, standard cars and commercial vehicles are also part of the insurer products that are now quotable by consumers.

“The policy data that is now presented to users of our website is designed to save research time compared to calling insurers by phone to explore prices,” said one Insurance Pros USA source.

The products that are provided to vehicle owners are usually based on specific coverage amounts that are designed by agencies in the U.S. The lack of customization through some companies can present challenges to drivers. The insurer portal now active also presents policy customizations to American drivers.

“The use of a zip code where vehicles are expected to be in use is the fastest way to explore our system for various standard and customized policies,” said the source.

The Insurance Pros website is now a complete portal for different products available in the insurance industry this year. Aside from automotive coverage plans, consumers can use the search tool supplied to quote a range of plans. Options for life insurance is one of the new inclusions at


The company has remained a competitor in the independent insurance quotations market inside the U.S. This company is offering access to its insurer information at no cost to the public to help with purchase planning. The company website is now one resource providing accuracy for policy types and the price drops that agencies are applying to coverage options this year. The company support staff includes simple content methods and other resources that are available on the company homepage to assist consumers each day.

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