State Auto Insurance in New York Now Quoted with New Database Online

New York, New York (PRWEB) November 03, 2013

Drivers who are battling the consistent price increases in the state of New York now have a way to fight back against car insurance costs using a new database for research online. The Auto Pros USA company is giving access to its state auto insurance in New York system online at

Drivers in NY can use this system if they are over the age of 18. The system is designed to not accept any input of driver data during the quotations process. The programmed tools require the input of a New York zip code to begin the process of matching a driver with a provider of affordable insurance plans.

“The system that we’re using is open to residents of New York and surrounding states who are searching for a more affordable policy for insurance compared to the rate card rates that many drivers pay for coverage,” an Auto Pros USA source said.

The rate quotes that can be easily reviewed using the system for insurer data include liability, full coverage and high risk policies that some providers can offer to drivers. All contact between companies and drivers is made away from the Auto Pros website to eliminate any information sharing that is common between insurance quotes providers.

“We don’t share any driver information because we don’t collect any data that is traceable to a consumer who uses our system just to view rates that third party companies are providing online,” the source included.

The website now features several additional tools that drivers can use in the state of New York or in other states in North America. The insurance system is one example of upgrades this company has made this year. The warranties programs that some companies offer to drivers can be researched by visiting


The company is currently providing one of the easiest to use tools to find statewide auto insurance in 49 states in North America. The programmed database of providers that is currently accessible using the company tools online is now updated direct by company partners. The company specialists who provide all of the customer related services offer toll-free access to all consumers. The parts referral section of this company maintains one of the largest directories of secondary auto parts for sale on the Internet. Tools for locating all parts are now provided for research online.

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