Super Cheap Car Insurance – Compare Rates & Save in Two Minutes

(PRWEB) April 16, 2013

New partnerships allow (click here to visit the website) web users to quickly collect insurance quotes from major carriers to keep their premiums low and their coverage levels high.

The representative comments: “The new partnerships allows users to get 5 insurance quotes under 2 minutes. Safe drivers are able to save up to 45% on car insurance now. In some states car insurance is now available for as low as $ 15/month.”

Unlike many insurance comparison websites, takes a local approach. The site gives users a fast, reliable way to get insurance quotes from nearby providers without completing lengthy insurance application forms. Users enter their zip codes and select an insurance product from a drop-down menu to see an appropriate list of quotes and local companies that offer the selected product. Options include health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

Click here to get $ 19/month auto insurance rates.

“People need to compare insurance quotes before buying policies to avoid costly premiums,” said a representative of the website. “By offering a quick way to get quotes for several different insurance products, we make the shopping process much easier and help households control their insurance expenditures.”’s quote research tool can also help buyers research policy options. For instance, life insurance buyers might have trouble choosing an appropriate amount of coverage or a realistic term length. Drivers can compare quotes for different types of vehicles before purchasing a new car to keep their costs under control. By looking through quotes from major insurance companies, buyers can make educated decisions for a much better value overall.

While insurance quotes cost applicants serious money in the 1980s and 1990s, offers its quotes for free and without the serious commissions that drove up the cost of insurance quotes in past decades.

“Insurance agents used to charge for quotes because of the work that it took them to call individual insurers and prepare them for clients,” said the representative. “These days, buyers don’t have to pay for quotes, and by using our website, they can find the best possible insurance options in a matter of seconds. It’s a much easier way to find the right coverage at the right price.” offers insurance quotes through a zip code-based system. The site collects accurate information from major insurance carriers to give users a reliable, fast purchasing resource. Click here to visit the website or learn more.