Levitra May Prevent and Treat Colon Cancer

Many people know Levitra as a medical treatment for erectile dysfunction, but recent research has found that it might also be a successful remedy and prevention technique for colon cancer.
Erectile dysfunction medications for example Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are 1 of the world’s most popular sets of prescription medications. Although these medicines intended objective are for the therapy for erection problems such as impotence, recent studies have discovered they could still become a suitable treatment for colon cancer.
In case you leave off skin cancer, colorectal cancers will be the third most common cancers in america in men and women. For 2013, it’s estimated that there was 102,480 fresh cases of colon cancer in america. The lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer is about 5%, or 1 in 20. The chance is slightly greater for males, and there are many variables that go into calculating threat. Total, colorectal cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related fatalities within the US should you take a look at girls and men singly, and the 2nd leading cause should you combine the genders.
So far, the research has focused on colon cancers in rodents. Erectile dysfunction drugs reduced the increase of these tumors everywhere from fifty to seventy percent. Right Now, the dosage given to mice is 30 times the number used in erectile dysfunction treatment. This amount is poisonous to people, so more work is necessary to handle this issue.
Scientists are also attempting to apply this understanding to other conditions of the colon like colitis. If during ongoing study the medications work because they got in earlier times the next phase is clinical studies.
Your colon is covered with cells which help protect it and provide other functions required for a sound body. This lining is replaced every few days. If this alternative process stops functioning right, the protective barrier may break down. This will expose the underlying tissue to everything in your gut – which can result in inflammation, and pave the way for cancer.
Scientists first looked at erectile dysfunction medicines because of the reality they are known to raise the amounts of a certain chemical that helps protect these barrier cells. Increasing the levels of this chemical decreases irritation and reduces your own risk for cancer. Cancer is, in addition, prevented as these medicines help increase the human body’s immune-system and enhances its capability to find and hold cancers.
Currently, scientists are examining these three medicines as well as their capacity to defend the lining of your own colon from damage and inflammation resulting from the food, drinks, and microorganisms in your diet. It’s considered that these drugs function a protective purpose by retaining the strength of the colon’s natural impediment intact and decreasing risky cell expansion. This helps activate a tumor-suppressing pathway within your bowel.
The researchers involved in this new clinical treatment have lately obtained a .8 million grant to explore this new improvement and find out exactly how well these drugs can prevent colon cancer.
As you could see from these types of numbers, colon cancer is really a serious disorder. Vardenafil is already available worldwide, has a long safety history, and strong reputation, which makes it the best option for managing or preventing colon cancer.